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Tree Stump Grinding & Removal Allentown

When a tree is removed, there is typically a stump left behind where the last cut is made. This leaves roots still in the ground along with a small portion of the base of the tree. Leaving the stump behind can pose a potential for liability, and if left naturally to decompose, it can take decades to fully rot out.

At BetterScapes, we offer tree stump removal services in Allentown & surroundings, using state of the art equipment. Our machines are ideal for hard to reach areas and challenging stump positions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We request that you dial #811 prior to having your stump removed. The  #811 agency make it very easy and will contact ALL (cable, electric, phone) companies who will come out and mark where there may be underground wires near the location of the stump. BetterScapes relies on the homeowner to make this call and cannot held responsible for any damage to underground wires. 

Root chasing is a separate service and is estimated on a separate line item. If you do not see “root chasing” on the estimate and are interested in that service, please contact our office prior to our visit at 484-224-1871.

There are several options available with our stump grinding service. We can grind and leave chips (“Grind & Go”), grind and clean up the chips (“Clean Grind”) or grind, clean up chips, and lay top soil and seed (“Total Grind”). 

When stumps are on a raised surface we will only grind the stump, the ground will remain elevated. If you wish to have the ground around the stump graded, please make sure you make us aware of this at the time of the estimate.



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